Acer japonicum 'Aconitifolium'
An elegant tree and one of the best maples for autumn leaf colour. This stunning variety is best for adding architectural interest to any garden. The leaves are large, rounded mid-green and turn breathtaking shades of orange and red in autumn.
Acer japonicum 'Vitofolium'
A beautiful upright variety with large grape-like, deep green leaves that turn magnificent golds with tones of crimson and scarlet, changing to a vivid scarlet before they drop.
Acer palmatum 'Anne Irene'
A pretty slow-growing, upright tree with distinct bright lime green leaves with a yellowish tone in the summer. Leaf margins have a bright red colour. The foliage turns yellow-orange in autumn.
Acer palmatum 'Aoyagi'
Aoyagi means green coral and the green coral bark is considered to be the most outstanding feature of this tree. The leaves in spring come out amazing chartreuse before turning more green in summer. Autumn colour is fiery orange and yellow.
Acer palmatum 'Ariadne'
A semi-dwarf, spreading, deciduous Japanese maple with deeply lobed leaves. Marbled pink, cream, and orange with bright green veins in spring turning purple-red to dark green with red veins in summer, and orange with red margins in autumn. This variety also has attractive green young stems.
Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum'
A slow-growing tree that bears large, deeply divided lobes which are ovate in shape, tapering to a fine point. The leaves are rich purple in spring, deepening in summer. In autumn foliage has a beautiful vivid crimson red colour.
Acer palmatum 'Beni hagoromo'
Also known as Acer palmatum 'Tamuke yama'

The spring foliage is deep crimson-red and changes to very dark purple-red. This lovely colour holds very well throughout the summer. Autumn colour is bright and scarlet. 'Beni hagoromo' has an upright habit.
Acer palmatum 'Beni maiko'
'Beni maiko' Japanese maple produces fire-red or scarlet leaves in spring. Their colour then fades into a pinkish red with some green undertone. In the summer leaves change to greenish-red with the red veins. In the autumn the foliage turns vibrant orange and fiery red.
Acer palmatum 'Beni otake'
An attractive tree its name means 'Red Bamboo'.

Foliage emerges deep red in spring and holds well into summer, eventually bronzing then turning green. Autumn sees the colour change to a vivid crimson.
Acer palmatum 'Beni shichihenge'
The outstanding feature of this cultivar is the colour in the variegated leaves. The name translates to 'Red and Changeful' which is appropriate. Spectacular white margined, bluish-green leaves are overlaid with pink-orange hues in spring, turning green with white margins in summer. Autumn sees a change to orange and gold.
Acer palmatum 'Berry Broom'
Acer palmatum 'Berry Broom' is a lovely densely branched cultivar with bright green foliage spring colour that matures to dark green in summer. In autumn leaves turn golden yellow.
Acer palmatum 'Bloodgood'
An upright, domed headed, variety with the best purple leaf colour. Holds colour well. The red leaves turn bright crimson and blood-red in autumn. Each leaf bears 5-7 deeply cut lobes. When the leaves fall, the blackish-red bark produces winter interest.
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