Acer japonicum 'Vitofolium'
A beautiful upright variety with large grape-like, deep green leaves that turn magnificent golds with tones of crimson and scarlet, changing to a vivid scarlet before they drop.
Acer palmatum 'Aoyagi'
Aoyagi means green coral and the green coral bark is considered to be the most outstanding feature of this tree. The leaves in spring come out amazing chartreuse before turning more green in summer. Autumn colour is fiery orange and yellow.
Acer palmatum 'Atropurpureum'
A slow-growing tree that bears large, deeply divided lobes which are ovate in shape, tapering to a fine point. The leaves are rich purple in spring, deepening in summer. In autumn foliage has a beautiful vivid crimson red colour.
Acer palmatum 'Butterfly'
A small tree with an upright habit. A superb hardy variety with pink edged white and green leaves in spring, losing their pink edge in summer but remain strongly variegated. Striking red autumn foliage. Excellent variety for patio pots.
Acer palmatum 'Enkan'
A dwarf, red variety with strap-like leaves. It is very similar to 'Red Pygmy' but holds its deep wine colour even better. It is the darkest of the linearilobums. It bears medium-sized, five-lobed, deeply divided leaves. Each leaf has a bluntly pointed or rounded tip. The purple-red leaf stalks are quite short.
Acer palmatum 'Ichigyoji'
Acer palmatum 'Ichigyoji' is almost identical to 'Osakazuki' except for the autumn colour which is an intense brilliant yellow or orange-yellow, while Osakazuki is crimson. 'Ichigyoji' stands out from other maples because of its large leaves and flamboyant colour. During summer the leaves are green. Each leaf has seven broadly ovate lobes which taper to a sharply pointed tip.
Acer palmatum 'Kashima'
A dwarf variety, widely used for bonsai. Bears tiny, rich green, five-lobed leaves, each one ovate, elongate and pointed. New leaves emerge light yellow-green with rust coloured margins. Autumn tones are mostly yellow. Leaf colour will be best in partial shade.
Acer palmatum 'Osakazuki'
This famous cultivar is best known for its intense autumn colours. Its crimson foliage is thought to be the most intense of all maples. At dusk, the tree appears to glow.
Acer palmatum 'Red pygmy'
An excellent, red cultivar from the Netherlands. Bears large red or red-maroon leaves with seven strap-like lobes. They have an almost lace-like appearance. The colour holds well until late summer when it deepens to a more purple tone. In direct sun it bronzes with green undertones. Young shoots are red. Foliage turns vibrant orange in autumn.
Acer palmatum 'Shishigashira'
A compact variety with the close-packed arrangement of the leaves. The bright green foliage is quite crinkled. The autumn colour is a beautiful combination of gold with rose and crimson tones.
Acer palmatum 'Inaba shidare'
An outstanding cultivar that differs from other dissectums because of its deeper colour. Bears large seven lobed leaves. Each lobe ends in a fine tip. The leaves appear sturdier than those of other dissectums. The leaves deepen to purple-red as they develop in spring. It's colour is retained all season.
Acer palmatum dissectum
Characteristic very deeply divided and deeply dissected leaves.
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