Our Story

Several years ago, Leaf Creative founder and award-winning garden designer Peter Dowle had an idea to provide a creative plant and design service. 

He wanted a place where people could get together, talk about their gardens and plants, and get inspiration and advice from knowledgeable experts. 

Leaf Creative at Huntley had its origin in our founding nursery at Howle Hill and grew from there. We are still nurturing and growing the 'big idea'. We source and grow incredible plants, and create ever-changing new spaces for people to experience at their leisure. 

Carefully curated

Growing something beautiful takes time and great care. At Leaf Creative our philosophy is always fresh and exceeds expectations. We always strive to tailor our plants and design to our clients' requirements. We listen and respond with energy and a smile.


What we value



We aim to help wherever and whenever we can. We are always happy to engage in conversation about a customer's specific requirements. We actively encourage gardeners of all levels to chat to us freely with anything they would like to discuss. 


Everyone at Leaf Creative has either specialist horticultural knowledge, a garden design background, or a grounding in plant nursery care. We have a great collective knowledge of plants, their habitats and how to use plants creatively together and in the right place.


We start the creative process by talking to the customer before anything is planned or designed. This gives us a clear insight into their requirements and how we can best help them with what they're trying to achieve from their space, be it large or small. 


We like to inspire gardeners to think big and bold, and we offer plant and design choices that perhaps they had not considered. At Leaf Creative, we show beautiful and inspiring planting schemes and plant combinations to help people get ideas for their own space. 

What we care about

Spirit of the Wood pm.jpg


We love working with and for people. We help each other whenever we can and that collaborative philosophy extends to our customers, whether they are asking for advice, buying a plant or commissioning us to create an elaborate scheme.


The animal and plant kingdom is amazing. It never ceases to amaze us just how wonderful the world is, especially when we have the good fortune to have some of that wonder with us every day of our lives.


At Leaf Creative, we hold a great selection of plants from all over the world (and we even have a couple of our pets wandering around too). 

We endeavour, wherever possible, to use only responsible sources of planting mediums, pots, plants and transportation. It is important to everyone at Leaf that we respect the environment and minimise our impact.


Inspired design, skilled construction and wonderful plants mean we have everything to make your dream garden a reality.

Our experience ranges from award-winning designs at top shows to creating memorable private gardens.


Leaf Creative have our own in-house barista-style coffees, specially selected to make our staff and customers feel at home.