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We are fortunate to be able to stay open under Government rules for the lockdown and wish to use that position to support our local community and businesses.

There have been some changes to how we run. Our Fernery cafe restaurant will no longer be open but is switching instead to a takeaway and delivery service. Please see the Fernery section for more details.

We have had to cancel our planned Christmas market on November 28 and 29. We’re conscious that for many local businesses and craftspeople the run-up to Christmas is an important time.


In order to help them, we are clearing the Fernery tables from the main store and using the space that creates to have bigger displays of many of their products.

Some of our customers will be unable or unwilling to visit in person and so we are offering free local delivery in a five-mile radius of not only our plants and gardening sundries but also essential supplies. Please, see the Fernery section for what's available in essential supplies.

This delivery service will be extended over coming weeks to Christmas trees and locally sourced and ethically produced wreaths.

If you live further away, do talk to us about our cost-covering charges for delivery.

How to shop with us


There are several ways you can buy from us.

Visit in person. We will sticking to our usual opening hours: 9-5pm from Monday to Saturday, 10-4pm on Sundays.

Order by email on for gardening and gifts. Email for takeaway and essential supplies.

Order by phone: the main shop number is 01452 830837 and the Fernery can be contacted on 01452 830118.

Over the next few days, we will be launching an online shop. More details soon.

Hands, Face, Space


The safety of our customers and staff underpins everything we do. We are lucky enough to have plenty of space and will be abiding by Government social distancing advice and providing plenty of hand sanitiser. We would ask that you wear face masks in our store.

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