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Leaf Creative is now home to a stunning Apse House. It is built entirely from local materials from the Forest of Dean. This incredible wooden structure was built by Lucian Quatermass and John Hamilton of Deepdean Design. It was thatched by the incredibly talented Tom Walden.

Tom is local, based at Holme Lacey, and has been thatching for 20 years. Tom has thatched two of  the Welsh village cottages in the museum at Cardiff.


Visit Leaf to witness first hand this incredible craftsmanship. 

The Apse is built from Larch, Sweet Chestnut and Hazel grown in Warmhill woods, Deepdean, Ross-on-Wye on the edge of the Forest of Dean and close to the Herefordshire - Gloucestershire border.

The timber is milled on site and processed and prepared there relying on traditional methods of
mortise and tenon joints with hardwood pegs, by local craftsman. It is an original in-house design featuring collared arches, and based on the ecclesiastical name for an arched or domed recess in a church.

The roof is reed thatch with a straw ridge by a second generation master thatcher based in Holme
Lacy, Hereford.

Deepdean Design is a collaboration between Lucian Quatermass, a timber craftsman who has long been interested in and involved with traditional methods and has carried out historic barn restorations, and John Hamilton who manages the family-owned woodland at Warmhill and who has been involved with timber and forestry for several decades.

Deepdean Design is pleased to be associated with Leaf Creative in a shared venture to produce
innovative and original products produced from local materials by local craftsmen.

Prices start from £40,000*

* please note that we can work in the style of the Apse House but in a bespoke style according to your space, needs and requirements. This can be a smaller or bigger version of the Apse House, a treehouse, abour, pergola or whatever you would like us to create! For enquiries, please contact us at

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