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Our 2022 Green Goals
Recyclable - Sustainability - Biodiversity

Green gardening has never been so important. This year, our main goal is to focus on our carbon footprint. 

Through ongoing commitments, we can proudly say that we have committed to the following sustainable points:


100% Peat-free 

We only sell 100% peat-free sustainable compost. All future plant crops on our nursery will be grown in 100% peat-free compost. 

100% Green Energy

All electrics used on site is from green sustainable sources, including wind, solar and hydro, with the aim of being net zero carbon by 2045.

100% Plastic pot recycling

We recycle all used and unwanted plastic pots. We also offer this to our customers.

Image by Appolinary Kalashnikova
Image by kazuend

We currently purchase approximately 40% of plant stock from UK nurseries. Our goal for 2022 is to increase this to 70%, supporting UK and local businesses

We recycle glass, plastics and cardboard on weekly basis but still send approximately 80% of our waste to landfill. With new recycling schemes, our goal is to reduce landfill waste and recycle 80% of all our waste.

Carbon offsetting. We aim to plant 1000 trees under this scheme. Reducing our carbon footprint is high on our agenda but offsetting carbon we produce is equally important. We hope to offset 2000 tonnes of carbon per year as a result of planting more trees. 

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